Monday, 31 October 2011

Enterprise lecture

Time management

Today's to do list...
  • Finish all print tasks (four in total) and post to design context.
  • Do PPD task 2 and post to PPD
  • Do enterprise task and post to PPD
  • Look up visual references and links for the D&AD GBH talk and add to existing post on PPD

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Good is... Tribal body modification

1. Every process has a story and meaning behind it.
2. It is a mean of communication between tribes people.
3. It is visually beautiful and unique to traditions in the western world.
4. Todays fashion and trends in our culture are increasingly influenced by tribal wear and body adornment.
5. To become more aware of such practices is to broaden your cultural knowledge.

I intend to...
Promote a carnival celebrating the traditions and practices of African tribes people, focusing on body modification. a group of...
people that are interested in world culture. My audience would be similar to that of Notting Hill carnival. Also to body modification enthusiasts, everyone who is interested in anything from henna tattoos to scarification.

Not all body modification is gross and over the top, it can have culture and meaning and can be truly beautiful.

In order to achieve this I will produce...

Illustrations influenced by my research on poster format, contained in packages that also include a keepsake and information pack to be given out either before or at the carnival to promote.

I will produce a range of illustrations to display on the posters and different information packs to accompany each one.

The packages and posters could be sent to schools and universities to promote the event,  and also given out or sold at the carnival to educate and as a souvenir.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

D&AD talk

Today I went to a talk by GBH (GregoryBonnerHale) set up by D&AD. I had never heard of this company before, but this talk was great and I love some of their work which is mostly graphic design based.

This was one of my favourite campaigns that GBH presented. Using basic cheap materials and using graphic design to make them look more upper class and classy. It has come out great and just goes to show what good graphic design can do for a companies image.

GBH have done a lot f work for Puma, here a a few of my favourites.

SLS luxury hotels
This campaign was definitely one of my favourites. They explained to us that it all started by designing the chandelier logo, and added the mischievous monkeys as a little quirky extra. From this arose a theme and the monkeys began to 'appear' all over the hotel. Even subtly, the names of the rooms for example were of famous monkeys.

Mar Mostro
Some amazing illustration here, Mar Mostro means monster of the sea.