Saturday, 26 March 2011

Communication is a Virus Evaluation

This brief was enjoyable as I was put with a good group which I felt worked well together. I liked the direction we were going with the telling lies around college. The only fault we had with this however was that it wasn't graphic design enough and we weren't producing many finalised designs. Because of this we decided to steer it in a direction that was more appropriate. We chose to work with April fools day, as it's current and is based around telling lies. The main problem we found with this after was that we ended up telling people how to lie rather than telling a lie successfully ourselves.
When taking a step back I feel that we should have carried on and developed our initial idea, but we got lost on a bit of a tangent. Sometimes it's maybe a good idea to take a breather and look at what we're doing and analyse it against the brief before it's too late.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Opposites, competition brief Evaluation.

I loved this brief. In a strange kind of way it was quite refreshing to have a short brief after the really long collection 100 brief.
Initially I decided that I didn't want to take the word opposite too literally, which would probably result in producing something too generic. So instead I looked at experimenting with opposites visually, such as reflections. Eventually I ended up working with ambigrams, which have rotational symmetry, so when you turn them upside down they read the same thing.
I think that my designs are visually pleasing, but also have a solid concept. I feel that I have produced some good designs when considering the time that was allowed for this brief and got some very good feedback.
I the decided to take it a step further and produce some stickers and put them up around the streets, just to get my designs out there. They also made some good photographs. Just call me Banksy.