Sunday, 25 September 2011

Study Task 1

Identify and explain 5 reasons why you chose to study on this programme.
-The course has a good reputation
-Fred made it sound amazing on the open day.
-The students studying on the course at the time seemed really happy on the open day.
-Graphic Design is something I have been interested in since I left school, so it seemed the obvious way to go.
-In the end this was the only uni I got accepted into.

Identify and explain 5 things that you want to learn during your time on the programme.
-I really want to learn more about typography, it is something I am interested in and feel that I would benefit from learning more about the technical side of it.
-I feel that the Innovation and Enterprise lectures are going to be hard work, but something I am looking forward to learning about, as it is definitely going to be beneficial to my graphic design career.
-I would like to learn more about and get a better understanding of the working graphic design industry.
-I want to improve on software, and learn new techniques to help benefit my work.
-I want to broaden my knowledge on more designers, useful websites, blogs, magazine and books- all of which I feel will help strengthen my work and give me a wider range of influences.Identify and 

Explain 5 skills that you think are your strengths.
-I have a keen interest in type, and feel that my strongest work always seems to be directed in this way/
-Printing processes, after dedicating an entire brief to this area I feel that it is something I can approach by myself with confidence. Meaning more hands on printing techniques, such as screen printing, foil blocking etc.
-Experimenting, I am not afraid to try something new and actually find it quite exciting.
-Organisation, I am good at listing the things that I need to do and getting them done in an organised fashion. Also coming to college prepared.
-I am fairly good at managing my time, this can still improve but I never miss deadlines and get everything done on time.

Identify and explain 5 things that you want to improve.
-Motivation, sometimes I find it hard to get myself started, but when I do I can stick to it.
-This year I would like to draw more and be more illustrative with my work. I used to be a really good drawer and now I feel that being stuck in front of a computer screen is hiding my skill.
-I would like to improve on my concepts, especially with this current 'good is...' brief I am struggling to find a scenario or story to drive my product.
-Production for print, although I am confident with the hands on printing processes, I want to improve on preparing my digital work for print to a professional standard.
-I need to improve on finalising my projects, I am good at researching and developing them. But when it comes to finishing them off to a professional standard I am lacking.Identify and explain 5 ways that 

You will evaluate your progress.
-Through group crits and other people's opinions on my work.
-Annotate and evaluate my progress as I go.
-Constantly update my blog, so that I am fully aware of my own progress.
-Set myself realistic goals to help myself improve.
-Compare my work to this time last year and evaluate what I have/ still need to improve on.

Identify 5 questions that you want to find the answer to.
-What area in the professional graphic design industry do I want to work?
-What placement am I going to have in the summer?
-Am I going to be free lance or work for a company?
-What is my biggest strength within graphic design?
-What is the best way to approach working or getting placements abroad?