Monday, 27 September 2010

Rational- How To...

Group members
Sadie Thompson, Sarah Roberts, Sarah Pritchard, Ryan McMormick and Samuel Edwards

The Problem
Not knowing where anything is as a fresher. How To... Avoid getting lost.

The Evidence
Personal experience.. not knowing where certain usefull places are such as closest supermarket, cash point etc.

We Intend to...
Design and create a map that can be personalised to where the student is living, this will be focused around the main halls of residents for first years. The map will highlight usefull places for freshers, quickest routes to the college and information on things such as club nights and taxi numbers. Also create a series of posters and possibly merchandise promoting the map, using the 'Where's my milk?' theme and tagline.

10 things I wish to learn and achieve....

  • Become more aware of contemporary designers and illustrators.
  • Become a more confident illustrator, using the appropriate software.
  • Experimenting. Become more open minded, trying new and different techniques.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT- Learn how to manage my time effectively and appropriately.
  • Blog more! Get used to and be more confident when it comes to blogging all of my work.
  • Organise myself... prepare for lessons and plan out my weekly briefs. 
  • Presentation skills. Not only be a confident talker in front of others, but learn to communicate all of my ideas and information effectively.
  • Learn to work as a group and take other peoples ideas into account trying not to take over.
  • Get used to researching more, reading magazines, books and looking at various designers and illustrators.
  • Become more aware and confident with software, learning more about Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.