Friday, 26 October 2012

Creative Networks

Last night we held the inpress shop at Creative Networks. Although we didn't sell much, it was a good evening and it was nice talking to some people about what we do.

We also went to David Shrigleys lecture which was really funny, and he signed out wood for us!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Creative Networks

Today we had an email correspondence with Rebecca from marketing. She would like us to be involved in Creative Networks at the end of October, where David Shrigley is going to be talking! We are all really excited to be part of this and we are going to meet with Rebecca tomorrow to discuss details. Overall an excellent start to this year for InPress and I'm really optimistic for the future!!

InPress meeting and interview for SPUR

Today we had our first third year InPress meeting. We only met for about twenty minutes but I felt it was really productive. It gave us all a chance to voice any concerns we had and we managed to share ideas on our next event and make a rough date. The idea is to hold a weekend long event at the Corn Exchange at the end of November. Me and Niall are going to walk down there on Friday to discuss the possibility of hiring out a space. We also discussed the briefs that we are going to do together this year, one being a pitch for the college prospectus.

Today we also had an interview with Josie, one of the creators of a new up and coming art magazine called Spur. Being featured in this magazine is a really good opportunity as it will give us exposure as a design studio and advertise our next event. We are also going to design a free pull out for the readers, which will be funded by Spur.