Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Portfolio surgery

I had my portfolio with Ben Hayworth from Beautiful Meme, I thought that I would book it with him as we have already had a dialog going after the Inpress event and sending him work.

He said that my portfolio was mainly fine as it is, the photography and lay out is good and it communicates my projects well. However we got to talking about my general practice, he said that it's good that I'm carving as style out for myself but to be careful not to pigeon hole myself. At present my portfolio only includes print based design work as that is my general focus, Ben suggested that I include some digital based work and set myself a brief that has no budget for print. I have taken this feedback on board, and although I feel that I currently might not have time to be doing more briefs, I will include the PDF design I do for the yearbook.

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